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socially responsible non-profit dedicated to
equine therapy solutions.

The Healing Hoof is comprised of a bunch of earth-bound angels banded together assisting those
who have neither the voice nor the resources to obtain critical mental health assistance. 

The Healing Hoof Foundation provides Equine Therapy services in two main areas:

1. Recommend and coordinate Equine Therapy for those in need, including funding; and

2. Pursue consistent, long term fundraising strategies for ongoing funding needs

Equine therapists and therapy horses partner to provide equine assisted psychotherapy to heal trauma in abused kids, veterans, those plagued by addiction, mental health disorders, PTSD, burnt-out workers and exhausted parents. 

Various forms of equine assisted experiences foster remarkable results. PATH, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and equine assisted learning are a few successful modalities that the Healing Hoof Foundation, LLC supports.  Equine therapists are specially chosen, licensed therapists who are additionally  taught to utilize the unique characteristics of the horse to foster self esteem and empowerment through relationship with these magnificent and intuitive animals. It’s quite amazing.

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Donations Keep Equine Therapy ALIVE!

Physical and psychological trauma, exhaustion, addiction, depression and inability to cope, seriously affect our ability to live our best life … and, sometimes, our capacity to continue living at all.

The Healing Hoof Foundation, LLC, spends upwards of 80% of all donations on direct therapy for children and adults who cannot otherwise obtain the help they need.

Why Use Horses for Therapy?

Support Equine Therapy

Horses are ancient, intuitive animals who have proven that they can foster tremendous, unprecedented therapeutic effects for traumatized and emotionally wrought people.

The Healing Hoof funds professional, experienced equine therapists, trained horse handlers, safe barn facilities, and healthy therapy horses. It’s a Winning Combination!

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