Mission Statement:


To foster opportunities for increased, permanent, positive societal impact by effectively addressing specific mental health conditions plaguing at-risk populations.

Who We Are

Our founder, Michele Fisher has been (and still is) a Court Appointed Special Advocate – CASA, for abused and neglected children. With a degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Michigan and many years of horsemanship and human experiences in the mental health area, she learned that the most effective, impactful way to address PTSD, autism, cerebal palsy, addiction, anxiety, and relationships was via equine assisted therapies of various types.

The Healing Hoof Foundation, LLC raises funding for equine therapy for those who need it but cannot otherwise obtain it.

We fund licensed, practicing equine therapists working in clean, safe, healthy barns. The Healing Hoof Foundation, LLC is currently funding teenagers and adults in Colorado.


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Why Choose Equine Therapy?

“I adopted my alcoholic brothers’ abused teenage daughter who was on fire with anger. Equine Therapy literally saved her life giving her critical tools in a motivational, safe atmosphere. 
48 y.o. single mother, Littleton, CO.

“Equine assisted psychotherapy gets to the heart of the matter quicker and kinder than other methods.” 
Brianna Hammerman, LMFT, Equine Therapist  Denver, CO

” The horses were the first ones to ever love me”  
15 year old former gang member. Aurora, CO.

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