Local children who have endured abuse or neglect and veterans suffering from PTSD can significantly benefit from equine therapy. This impact makes our entire community healthier and safer. The Healing Hoof Foundation is dedicated to raising money in support of those in need who cannot otherwise afford this remarkable, impactful therapy.

Event Sponsors

Support Face to Face, our Summer Fundraising Concert Event featuring Face Vocal Band! Be a part of this fun day for families at a working ranch which showcases a local cottage industry marketplace.

Your sponsorship includes massive visibility for your brand. You will be included in our marketing efforts, speak from stage at our event, and get your message in front of our entire amazing community.


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Golden Hero


  • Logo on all event materials, wearables, community posters, sponsor banner. Presence/mentions for a year on HHF website, blogs, social media campaigns and in-person speaking engagements
  • Outside back cover ad on event program
  • 5 event tickets
  • VIP auction preview
  • Sponsor can speak at event/on stage promotion
  • Distribute samples and promote product at equine therapy workshops 

Silver Spur


  • Inside front cover ad in event program
  • Website presence for 6 months
  • 3 event tickets
  • Logo on sponsor banner, posters, wearables

Bronze Believer


  • Logo on sponsor banner
  • Inside back cover of event program
  • 2 event tickets




For More Information on How to Be a Local Hero Email Us.

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Sponsor a Child

Your donation of $1,125 will allow a child to receive support and healing through 10 sessions of equine therapy.

Sponsor a Veteran

Your support enables one veteran to receive equine therapy for 10 weeks. Your donation of $1.125 will be directed to supporting a veteran.

Sponsor a Parent & Child

Your donation of $300 enables one parent-child pair to receive access to a full day equine therapy retreat.

Most Urgent Need

Your donation of $1,125 will be matched with the child, veteran, or parents and children who are in the most urgent need of support.

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